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HUSH, the company that distributes the headphones, has generously agreed to donate their services to support the fire victims. This means 100% of your $10 purchase for the awesome party will be donated. Spread the word, gather your friends, and lets have the best Silent Disco yet!
Its that time of year again! On December 23, 2017, we will be hosting our annual SILENT DISCO NEON KNIGHTS blacklight party! 

TWO DJ'S will be battling on our stage, spinning sexy house and booty poppin' hip hop. 

We are decking the place out with BLACKLIGHTS and snowflakes, so wear your white, wintery costumes and come party!

There are only 100 headphones available so claim them fast! ($10 to reserve and rent)

Déjà Vudu
Raised in a musical family and classically trained, Tamara spent her 20's performing funk and disco in SLC's most sought after cover band. She newly discovered her love for taking the stage as a DJ when a friend urged her to open up for his show. Has shared the stage with friends from Woolfy's Disco Den and Bassix, but one her favorite places to play remains her bedroom which has been known to become a late night dance party. 

House, Techo, Bass, booty shakin' mood makin', dance floor breakin' good times! Oh and maybe a bit of disco...

Project Pineapple
Lazerwave, Future-Twerk, Neo Bass, Tropical Ratchet
#projectpineapple (aka Trill Bill / Wildebeest / Jetski Jesus ) is a top secret music alliance, with the imperative mission to make that booty bounce. Past missions include Lucidity Festival, mountain parties, and bi-weekly sets with the Bassix crew in Ojai. Sound frequencies inspired by sacred trigonometry, free-range coconuts, and mason jar drum circles.

Face/Body Painting by Amelia Taylor
Amelia Taylor is a visionary artist from Santa Barbara who participates in festivals, local gatherings and campouts. Her specialties include acrylic blacklight pieces and body paint. 
With images depicting the connection between life and death she embraces the potential for art to inspire emotions, ideas and meditative states in those who observe it. Many of her philosophies drawn from metaphysics and spirituality suggest that love is an energy connected to nature, life, and the mind, allowing us to view ourselves as divine beings . To her, the excitement of participating as an artist in events is based off of the opportunity to get involved in a community where she can flow to the music and spread joy in a fun environment.

Earlier Event: December 22
Victoria Bailey