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La Junta/Underground Sessions Global Rhythms Edition

Join us for a night of irresistible global rhythms as La Junta Sound System takes over Underground Sessions during the Labor Day holiday weekend! Featuring special guest DJs Degruvme, Yukicito and Glenn Red, La Junta Sound System's infectious grooves encompass everything from cumbia to bhangra—all infused with heavy doses of Afro-beats and bass to keep things sultry and sweaty on the dance floor.

If you have ever experienced La Junta or Afro Funke events in Los Angeles, then you know exactly what you're in for. Either way, you're in for a night you won't soon forget! Ojai's own Loud DJs crew is proud to bring you this event, which marks the first time La Junta Sound System has performed anywhere in Ventura County. To to say this is a special treat for the Ojai music scene would be an understatement.

La Junta, or 'the gathering' in Spanish, is a biweekly summer event bringing together people of all backgrounds in the name of friendship, dancing, and deep music from points around the globe. Based in the community of Alhambra at the western edge of LA's San Gabriel Valley, eventgoers are treated to sun-kissed afternoons in an outdoor cantina, as cool breezes, fresh mist, music, food, libations, smiles, and dance moves joyfully flow into dusk.

The mean streets of San Gabriel Valley's Monrovia suburb groomed and nearly led David aka 'degruvme' to an illustrious career in competitive paintball. Lucky for us, though, that he instead fell in love with deejaying, cutting his teeth in Fresno's deep house music scene at his BodyLanguage events. These days, he divides his free time among family, friends, and music production, as well as planning and mixing at La Junta functions. While he works on his ultimate mission to earn a living as a super music producer, weekdays find this Yucateco posing as a nerdy I.T. director, holding it all together with black coffee, sugar packets and occasional romps to find the perfect cochinita pibil taco. With his paintball skills still intact, degruvme is voted 'Most Likely to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.'

Hailing from Osaka, Japan via Boyle Heights, CA, Yukicito is a diamond that keeps revealing shiny new facets. He first brandished his music production chops, then solid skill behind both the turntables and the soundboard, and again with his hands on a djembe, cuica, pandeiro and Colombian gaita flute. There are even rumors he gets around on a trumpet and trombone. Out on the floor, he dazzles the ladies with fluency in the dance languages--salsa, cumbia, merengue, forró, samba--he's got 'em all! Yuki's broad tastes span across music and, equally, food. He loves the fare from his homeland, but seems just as pleased ogling a dinner plate with anything from street tacos to fried chicken, not to mention an obsession with Cuties tangerines. Yukicito's plan for world domination is to travel all over with his music as the ticket.

It took little else but our friendly smiles and a forkful of panna cotta to woo Glenn Red into visiting La Junta in Season One. The rest is history. He became the final piece of our team and, more importantly, was also quickly suckered into joining our Walking Dead parties ;))He also took over the title of oldest team member (which we loved!). With Glenn's graying goatee, though, come years of deejay know-how and deep music crates. Since owning his first LP 'SaturdayNight Fever' as an eight-year-old in Walnut, CA, his vast taste in music is now rivaled only by his vast hat collection. By day, he designs fliers and web pages promoting how cool events will be; by night he sets out to prove it. Glenn plans to keep connecting good people one rhythm at a time for years to come. 

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