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Funkdamental Flavors III with Nolskee & Creewee

On Saturday April 27th a couple of wild and crazy guys are gonna be doing some funky/experimental stuff on stage at the world famously haunted Ojai Deer Lodge (worry not, the ghosts are benevolent!)

For your ears: Nolskee will be honoring us with a finely crafted selection of rare funk, home brewed crustadelic beats, legendary vinyl and some booty shakin’ dance tunes! An unorthodox DJ, Nolskee brings it unique and heavy on the crust, while paradoxically massaging your brain with subtle sonic pleasures. Dancing is a must and comes naturally!

For your eyes: Creewee pulled himself from the primordial ooze many years ago, he has since been trying to recreate the kaleidoscopic veneer found at the bottom of the cradle of life. He has failed at every attempt. But, the byproducts of this pursuit create brilliant abstraction and scintillating eye candy. Mixing many different techniques and mediums, you never know exactly what you will get when this intuitive artist gets on stage.

The combined effects of these two performers has become “Funkdamental Flavors” and we implore you to come out and see it for yourself!

Earlier Event: April 26
Balto / Hannah Jobus