Serving the authentic Ojai experience since 1932

Established in 1932, the Ojai Deer Lodge has been through many transformations. From a gas station and general store, to a culinary haven and rockin’ music venue, the Deer Lodge has been home to locals and visitors alike. As the newest proprietors, we pride ourselves in providing you with the freshest ingredients sourced as locally as possible, cocktails that will ‘wow’ your palette, and a hand selected beer list from the best craft breweries on the west coast. While you are at the Deer Lodge, it is our mission to make you feel at home – a place where you can unwind from both the rough and the easy days, kick back and relax, enjoy the beautiful mountain views, hit that ‘reset button’ and leave with a full belly and a happy heart. As Ojai natives, it is our pleasure to work closely with local farmers and other business owners with this shared vision: Ojai is a beautiful and bountiful valley and it is our privilege to work together to create a magical experience for all. Below is a list of some of our friends who help us achieve these goals and who inspire us every day:

Rio Gozo Farms, Ojai Farmers Market, Casitas Valley Farm And Creamery, Ojai Valley Farmstand, Firststep Farms, Mano Farm, Santa Barbara Famers Market, Topa Topa Brewing Company, Surf Brewing Company, Poseidon Brewing Company, Ventura Spirits, Casa Barranca Winery, Ojai Vineyards

With love,
Sophia and Sydney

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